SEW : Introducing the Buckaloo View Simple Line

Years ago, I was on a mission to make the perfect basic dress and tank top. From design, to shape and construction, I wanted complete simplicity. The amount of time and energy that I put into creating a pattern so simple was a little ironic. But the final result is exactly what I set out for. I can whip these dresses up fairly quickly. I'm a fan of finding unique secondhand or vintage fabrics and the simple silhouette helps them shine. If I feel the need to complicate things with embellishments, color blocking, etc, it'll be easy with such a great base. 

All of my models have commented that they are so comfortable, easy, and cool on these hot summer days but yet still make them feel feminine and girly. I've had women from 5' to 6', curvy to skinny wear them, proving it's a flattering fit for most bodies. 

They are currently available in three sizes. My plan is to release plus sizes in August! I've also had some inquiries about releasing the pattern so that might be a possibility in the future as well. 

The Buckaloo View Simple Line features womens' dresses and tank tops that are classic and timeless. The silhouettes and constructions are simple but each piece is either one-of-a-kind or few-of-a-kind, made with secondhand, vintage, natural, organic or repurposed fabric.

SHOP : Update

The shop has been updated! It's not a lot of stuff but I think it's a nice assortment. 

Hope you all have a great weekend. And thank you all for all the constant support and encouragement. The next update will be 4.29.16 at 11am US EST. (If all goes to plan this season, I'm hoping to update the shop every other week.) I should have more yarn (think avocado, elderberry, onion skin, walnut and marigold!) as well as debuting the first official BV Simple Line tanks and dresses in the next update!

SHOP : Spring Cleaning Sale

Spring Cleaning has hit. It's time for me to clear out the shop and restock it with fresh yarns. To help with that, everything in the shop is 20% off! Just use the code SPRING when checking out. Good from Monday, March 28th to Sunday, April 3rd. 

SPIN : My Kind of Spin Class

At the beginning of each month, I make a short list of goals I'd like to accomplish in the next thirty or so days. Nothing concrete. Sometimes scribbled in the margins of my daily planner. But mostly just a mental note. One of these goals has been to devote more time to spinning.

Oh, spinning. I've been daydreaming about spinning for years. Romanticized visions of meditative sessions, spinning soft wool into sturdy, smooth yarn, gaining some sort of spiritual and wooly awakening. I dabbled a bit, here and there, last year, with my drop spindle. But somehow, I never found the time to really dive in. Or so I told myself. You know what they say: if you want to do something badly enough, you make the time.

So, I added "spin" to my daily to-do's, determined to make that time. Then, every night, I scribbled it out and moved it to tomorrow's list. Day to day, month to month, it was a to-do that kept rolling over. Maybe I really wasn't ready for spinning? Maybe I didn't want to forfeit any of my precious knitting time to the messy, uncertain beginner phase of spinning?

Last month, kismet stepped in and a sweet, new wooly antique shop* announced their first class--Drop Spindling. I grabbed a fellow yarn-loving friend and went. It was fun experience and I feel like I left with some new knowledge and a much better understanding of what I was doing (and wasn't doing.) But, most importantly, with a new confidence and interest in drop spindling. Since then, I have indeed been making the time to do a little spinning every day. The drop spindle is spinning and spinning and spinning. It's also 'clunking' on the floor as I get the hang of it. But the spindle is filling up with thick and thin, nubby, awkward, uneven, and perfectly beautiful beginner yarn. 

*It's called Hope's Favorite Things and if you're ever in the Bangor, PA area, I highly recommend you stop in. 

HOMESTEAD : Many Hands Make Light Work

My Grandfather often said: "Many hands make light work." (Though, he said it in German.) Then my Dad said it. (Sometimes in German, usually in English.) Now I'm saying it, too. (Only in English. I can't remember it in German.) One goal this year is to admit when I can't do something on my own, to gracefully accept help. So, last weekend, I gathered a group of friends and we tackled a corner of the barn, organizing and cleaning. Then celebrated with a fire, good food, and way too much wine.