This Love of the Land

“It will come to you, this love of the land. There’s no gettin’ away from it if you’re Irish.”
-Gone With the Wind

In the next couple weeks, we should be getting our first frost. The garden is pretty sparse and the harvests are getting smaller. Mostly it's baskets of tomatoes. All of the potatoes have been dug up. Beets and turnips should be ready to harvest soon. The summer squash and bean plants have been pulled and are in piles strew throughout the garden. Parsley, lettuce and bean seeds are being gathered and saved for next year. 

This year I had hopeful plans to try a fall garden. Unfortunately, in my inexperience, I started most of my seeds a bit late. (Though, if I had direct sown most of them, I might have done better. I never have good luck with growing anything in trays or containers.) Luckily radishes are quick yielders so I've had the joy of harvesting a few here and there.  My peas are blooming but most likely won't have enough time to produce fruit. Two short rows of kohlrabi are looking taller and leafier but are also racing the clock. As well as collection of scrawny brassicas that won't amount to anything. I've been doing a little research on how to extended my season with row covers and thinking of possibly building a cold frame in some south facing spot. But I'm not pushing myself too hard as I learn to balance things in my life. 

Until the frost hits, I'll continue harvesting tomatoes, radishes and marigolds (for dyeing.) Once it does hit, then I'll harvest my sweetened kale. Finally, the garden needs to be prepped for winter and the garlic planted.

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