Monthly Sock Challenge : 1 of 12

My Monthly Sock Challenge is off to a good start. Right now I'm working on Septmeber's pair and August's is all done and gifted. These Warm and Cozy Socks were made for my Aunt. I wanted a classic pattern that would offer lots of warmth. Since most people aren’t fond of caring for wool or having it against their skin, I went with an acrylic in a lovely blue-gray-lavender (depending on the light.) More project specifics can be found on Ravelry.

I’ve also upgraded the linky to be longer. As you can see, it runs for a full year. I’ll also be embedding it in my monthly post like I am here. As a better incentive, I’m thinking of doing the occasional giveaway, maybe every few months. Entries would be what is submitted in the linky. (Also, your linky submission doesn’t only have to be a finished object post. You can link to blog posts and even Instagram photos where you share photos of your WIP!)

Melissa and Kylie have joined in! Do you want to join us?