Gifting No. 3 - Travel Hat

The next handmade gift in my gifting series is a hat for a woman who has been such an inspiration and encouragement to me over the years. I count myself very lucky to have gotten to know Harmony of Harmony Art. Her passion and dedication to making a better, more beautiful world is contagious and motivating.

I knew I wanted to knit her something and wanted it to be be special. More special than just hand-knit. I thought about dyeing some yarn for her but figured I wouldn't get around to it soon enough. (This was back in June!) So I turned to a dye-hero of mine: Annie Claire. She dyes with natural plants sources as well and uses organic yarn sourced from a small farm in Vermont. I knew it’d be the perfect fit. Originally, I wanted to give the Cabled Dad Hat a go but was have a hard time getting gauge. Then I came across the Travel Hat by Robyn of She Makes Hats. The gauge was right and the fact that the long brim could be left as is for a slouchy look or folded back for a more snug beanie seemed more customizable.

This is the third item I've completed for my Gifting Series, where I try to giveback, in my own little handmade way, to the people in my life that are important to me.