3 Questions : Casey

This is the first installment of new series I’m doing this year on the blog. It’s basically a weekly interview of my favorite bloggers. Instead of taking the traditional interview route, I’m keeping it short and sweet and asking three completely random questions and sharing three photos from them. I think after the self-involved nature of my 52 weeks project last year, it’ll be great fun to introduce you to some inspiring people. I have no idea how long it will last or how it may change over time but I hope you all enjoy it and meet some really great bloggers and creatives!

Casey of Plus 3 Crochet is one of my oldest blog reads. I’ve continued reading because she knows how to wield a crochet hook. (Some day I’d love to learn more crochet!) I’m continually impressed and tickled by her creations. Both her productivity as well as her ability to create things that are sweet without being saccharine are very inspiring.

1. What is your biggest pet peeve?

So many pet peeves but jaywalking is the biggest one I have. I especially hate it in front of elementary schools, I see it daily where I walk my kids to school. There are three separate crosswalks but parents still run their kids across the street in front of vehicles. I get that people are in a hurry but I think parents should be teaching their children how to safely cross a street all the time.

2. Do you prefer to take baths or showers?

Before I had kids, I never would have taken a bath! Now that I have them, I can’t wait to jump into the tub after they’ve gone to bed, it’s my time to relax. The hotter the bath, the better! I always need a book to read too, if I don’t have a good book, I don’t bother having a bath but that rarely happens, I almost always have a book on hand.

3. What is your favorite board/card game?

I really like games that I can play solo. I don’t hate playing with others, that’s a lot of fun but I have three kids, so that’s who I play with and that can get frustrating at times. I become somewhat obsessed when I get into a game, I can play solitaire for hours. Right now, I’m playing Perfection a lot. We got the game for our kids this Christmas, I’ve definitely played more than the kids have. I haven’t yet beat the clock but I’m working on it.

Be sure to check out Casey’s shop, instagram and blog.