There have been a lot of recapping and planning posts here on the blog lately. But all the while, behind the scenes, there has been quite a bit of making (and finishing!) going on. While I still have some year end and new year style posts waiting in the wings, I’m too excited to not share some of the things I’ve finished (and photographed) lately. Including and especially, this one.

Yes, those of you who are on Ravelry may have already see it: my Levenwick! After five months my second cardigan is complete. It’s a beautiful design and I’m sure with a bit more experience (and patience) it could have been amazing. I did a big modification to the yoke that was probably beyond my scope as well as other messy beginner mishaps but at the very end, when I put it on, I got a little giddy. It’s simply a collection of mistakes and victories and lessons learned. It’s imperfect—-just like me.

I bought the buttons from ForestLass about a year ago and planned to use them in another project that never materialized. Sometimes things work out for the best because they are a perfect match for this sweater. (And apparently the ground is fascinating because that is where I’m looking in nearly every photo!)


Pattern: Levenwick

Yarn: Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Worsted in Mink Heather

Needle: sz 7

Modifications + Notes: Too many to be listed here. Check my Ravelry notes.

PS: Today is a bit of an anniversary for me.