Let's Collaborate

Since switching to a one column design here on the blog, there is no longer room for ads or button swaps in a sidebar. At first, I wasn’t sure if I liked not having that option but then I realized it was the perfect opportunity to collaborate with fellow bloggers and small brands. It’s very easy to drop a link in my sidebar and hope my readers click on it. The point of a blog is to share, interact and connect with fellow like-minded people. I have a lot of collaborative ideas swirling around my head for the year and I’m hoping to get the chance to execute them with many of you.

If you have a small shop and want to team up to promote your goods or service, feel free to contact me. I’m open to doing giveaways, reviews and other promotional content here on the blog, especially creative, outside-the-box methods of promoting.

And I’m not only calling out for business related collaborations, I’m very interested in personal ones as well, like swaps, group giveaways, group effort creations, guest blogging, teaming up for good causes, games, series, link-ups and more with fellow creative bloggers. If you have any ideas you want to pitch at me, I’m open!