Yarn Along - Knitting and Reading

I’m joining in Yarn Along this week hosted by Ginny of Small Things. It’s the chance for those of us who love knitting and reading to share what project is currently on our needles and which book we have our noses buried in. And I personally add what music I’ve been listening to as well.

Knitting: For a gal who does not like surprises in the least bit and already has a lot on her plate, it’s hard to see why I chose to do the Follow Your Arrow Mystery Knit Along from Ysolda Teague. It just kept popping up everywhere I went and the temptation proved too much. Besides, it’s a new year, time to embrace new things, right? The ball of Knit Pick’s Palette in photo is all you’ll see of it until it’s completed (I’d hate to ruin any surprises for others participating.) Since the cast on date was Monday, it gave me enough motivation to hurry up and complete both a pair of gloves and my January hat (both will be shared here soon.)

Reading: I recently finished My Mother She Killed Me, My Father He Ate Me, which contains forty fairy tales retold by contemporary authors. Collections like it are usually hit and miss. There are always some gems and some duds, ones you may love but everyone else hates and vice versa. This one was no exception. Once I realized there was no shame in skipping the stories I didn’t care for, I appreciated the book more and digging for the gems that shone really bright was worth it. But this week, I’m at the beginning of At Home in Nature. It’s a book I’ve been wanting to read for ages. A lot of reviews say it’s a bit too scholarly but I’m hoping I keep up with it.

Listening: A little bit of everything, but mostly I keep coming back to Laura Marling’s ”My Friends.” That song and the album it’s on were a great comfort to me exactly two years ago. Sometimes I wonder if there is a seasonality to our music habits. Do you find yourself listening to certain songs or albums at certain times?

What are YOU knitting/crocheting, reading or listening to this week?