3 Questions : Sarah

3 Questions is an interview-style series featuring some of my favorite bloggers. Every week, I ask one inspirational person 3 completely random questions and ask them to share three photos that represent Who they are, What they do or make and Where they feel the happiest.

To boil Sarah down to one word, I’m drawn to choosing “diverse.” She has such a broad range of interests and skills. She is one of those rare women who is a perfect mix of confidence, creativity, intelligence, openness and compassion. Sarah’s blog is centered around defining what it means to lead a simple, mindful life. Plus a lot of musings, memories and art/craft pursuits.

1. Do you prefer winter or summer?

I actually prefer winter. It’s not even because of the holidays; I just enjoy the bleak and stark look of bare trees and cold weather. I’m more contemplative in winter. I spend more time creating. We have little space heaters and our tiny apartment is so cozy. The cats snooze and we play records. I keep the holiday lights up and our home is just a very pleasant place to be. Also, summers in Memphis are brutal!

2. Who is the most famous person you’ve met?

The most famous person I’ve ever met is a toss up, depending on what circles you run in. When I moved to Madrid, my flight leaving JFK was a little delayed, so I was in the waiting area to board my plane. I noticed a graceful, grey haired lady with impeccable clothing sort of waft through the crowd and, since I’ve been an avid reader of Vogue since my teens, immediately recognized her as Carolina Herrera, the fashion designer. She boarded ahead of me, being in first class (of course, of course) and as I made my way to my seat, I stopped and told her how much I loved her designs and that I was a huge fan. She had this very aristocratic air about her and was very kind. She sort of let me know non-verbally that it was time for me to stop babbling and take my seat.

This year, I met David Sedaris, the writer. I had a hard time in high school, and I remember listening to him on NPR and reading all of his books. I would almost practically memorize his essays. He came to Memphis to do a reading, and on a whim I did a pen and ink portrait of him and one of Amy Sedaris to give to him. He was very nice about it and drew a portrait of me in one of my books as a trade. I later got a note from him thanking me for the drawing and complimenting me on my skill. Dream dream dream!

3. What is the best part of your day?

The best part of my day is probably when I finally crawl in bed at night and the cats jump up for a bit of love. I’m usually reading and I can hear the water running while my husband takes a shower. We have twinkle lights in our bedroom and it’s just that final sigh that the day is done and it’s time to rest.

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