Hat Ten of Twelve - A Knitting Challenge

After indulging in new yarns for both November and December’s hats, I figured I should reach for something in my stash for January’s hat. A partial skein of an unknown vintage acrylic in a blueish minty green called out to be used up. The pattern is great (clearly written, fun to knit) and I’d actually love to give it another go in the future, but with a lighter worsted weight yarn, in a quieter color and a natural fiber with more give and better drape. I won’t be keeping this particular one for myself though—simply not my shape or color. (I’ve learned I prefer a slouchy, beret style.) It’ll be gifted to a friend.


Pattern: A Most Bespeckled Hat

Yarn: unknown vintage acrylic (best guess: Bernat Berella)

Needles: sz 7

Modifications: None.

Final Verdict: I’m sure it’d be a lot nicer in a natural fiber and lighter weight worsted.

More details and notes at it’s Ravelry project link

The Twelve Hats in One Year Challenge is being run by two lovely French ladies: Melody of Mandarine’s and Charlotte of Fille d’hiver. You can join in and share your creations at the Facebook Page.

12 Hats 1 Year