Sewn Lately




A lot of sewing going on lately. First up, I made myself a (much needed) new pair of pajama pants out of a secondhand gray chambray.

The very first make-up bag I made was inspired by a blue quilted cotton toiletry bag with little red flowers my Grandmother had sitting in our bathroom when she was visiting. The shape is common but it was the first time I’d seen it and with a fresh new interest in sewing, I thought, Hey, maybe I could make something like that. Over the years I’ve made god knows how many make up bags in all sizes and colors and prints. My Grandmother was here for the holidays this year and showed me that original inspirational bag. It was getting pretty threadbare and worn. She requested a replacement—a little bigger than the ones I usually make and with inside pockets. As I was about to grab a stack of fabrics to offer her to choose from, I remembered an aqua blue Michael Miller fabric printed with red and pink humming birds I originally bought a half yard of years ago with my Grandmother (a hummingbird lover) in mind.

And finally, a sneak peek at tank tops (all from secondhand and vintage fabrics) from the new Liesl Made stock. Things are going along slowly, and I’m glad. I’ve really been enjoying taking my time and putting a lot of care and heart into each piece. But it might mean the shop won’t reopen until mid-February.

Have you been sewing at all?

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