White Gloves

When I asked my Mom what she would like me to knit for her, her response was: “Long, soft, fuzzy, white gloves.” I worried that she meant fancy opera gloves that go to her upper arm but luckily when she said long, she meant long enough. See, everyone in my family has trouble with sleeves being too short, so our wrists are always exposed to the elements. She was just interested in something to cover that span.  I didn’t quite track down a “fuzzy” yarn but this Cascade 220 is a merino and ever-so-soft. And luckily it’s superwash, which will come in handy considering she insisted on white. (Apologies for the photos. It was a sunless, gray winter day.)


Pattern:Men’s Fingerless Gloves

Yarn:Cascade 220 Superwash Sport in White

Needles: Sz 2

Notes + Modifications: No major modifications, except making the cuff longer. They are a bit big in the wrist and palm and snug in the fingers but overall they seem OK. She is happy with them. But I really need to learn more about picking up stitches and making everything look neater.

Ravelry project link here.