Keeping Warm

This winter has been a bitter one here. I’m am doing all I can to keep warm. Wrapping my hands around mugs of hot tea, curling up under blankets and wearing woolen sweaters are some of the most obvious methods of dealing with the chill. But warming yourself from the inside out is equally important—-with love, laughter, and, of course, hearty food.

Recently I found the kitchen empty for a couple hours and since I’d lost my cozy knitting spot (thanks a lot, cat!), decided to cut up and roast the last of our homegrown potatoes. They were tossed with olive oil, salt, pepper and rosemary and put in a hot oven until crispy. (I wish we had proper cold storage so we could grow and keep enough to get us through to the next season.)

I also made “refrigerator” soup. I’m pretty new to soup-making (and meat related cooking in general since I was a vegetarian for seven years) so I had a bit of guidance and advice from both my Mom and Grandma. Leftover turkey and chicken carcasses were boiled to make a broth. Then I added the essential carrots, onions and celery. Finally, everything else I could find in the fridge, like rice, corn, spinach.

Stealing away to my cozy basement studio to keep warm is another favorite option. (Posts with some finished sewn creations will be up in a couple days. As well as some proof of the knitting frenzy I’m in.)

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