Last Night I Dreamt That I Grew Wings - A Gosling Shawl

The Ysolda Teague Follow Your Arrow Mystery Knit Along is over and my shawl is complete! Ideally, I hoped to debut it with photos of me modeling it but I realized I don’t quite know how to style a wispy, asymmetrical shawl like this. (Luckily, the gallery of finished projects on Ravelry is giving me some ideas.) If given a visual from the beginning, I probably would have opted to go with the more circular, symmetrical shawl that clue 1B sets up. I actually originally intended to go with 1B but the fact that you had to pick up a bunch of stitches (something I am not good at), right in the beginning, turned me off and I went with clue 1A instead.In the end, I went with straight A’s for all the clues. Turns out this was a great choice. Combine the yarn color (very much a dirty gray, the shade of goose feathers and aptly named “gosling”) and an angular, textural starting point and this shawl was destined for feathery greatness from the beginning.


Pattern: Follow Your Arrow Mystery Knit Along (Clues 1A+2A+3A+4A+5A)

Yarn: Knit Pick’s Palette in Gosling

Needle: sz 6

Ravelry notes

(Title inspiration via “Wings” by Josh Ritter.)