She Makes Hats eBook Review and Giveaway (closed)

Robyn Devine of She Makes Hats

A year ago I decided to join others in knitting 12 hats in one year. One hat each month. I thought it was pretty ambitious. But recently I came across Robyn of She Makes Hats. She has made it her mission to make 10,000 hats for 10,000 people. This project came to my attention after I was contacted by Asymmetrical Press, a Montana based publishing house run by and for indie authors, to do a review of Robyn’s upcoming book She Makes Hats.

She Makes Hats is a beautifully told story that will no doubt resonate with many knitters. Robyn went through that journey we all went through, stumbling our way into the world of knitting but quickly become addicted after realizing it’s about more that just making something. Through her story, she shares with us how knitting creates hope and warmth, encouragement and comfort, community and connection, for both the recipient and the knitter. Hats were what Robyn was most drawn to and she began making them in earnest, first challenging herself to make 100 of them in one year. Knitting hats helped her through the challenges she faced in her life, specifically infertility, all while offering her the chance to, at the same time, give back. This giving back drove her to set a goal to knit 10,000 hats for 10,000 people, bringing a bit of handmade warmth to homeless persons, sailors, preemies, at-risk youth, friends, family, strangers and everyone in between.

I often think of ways I could be giving back more but worry that I don’t have anything worthy to offer. I’m not rich and don’t have the energy or means to give a lot. But Robyn shows us in this book, just like every knitted item is simply combining many stitches, the grandest gestures are built of many little heartfelt actions.

Asymmetrical Press is also offering one of you lucky readers an e-book of She Makes Hats! The book is due to be released on April 29th, and will be available for purchase on both their site and Amazon. (The winner here won’t actually get their copy until after the 29th.) Simply follow the prompts in the box below to enter:

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Thanks for entering everyone! The winner is Karen.

Photos in this post are property of Robyn Devine and have been used with permission.

UPDATE: The She Make Hats book is now out and available for purchase!

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