Paid In Full - My Recipe Box

Up until now, my recipes were all shoved, haphazardly, in a binder. It was always a chore to find the one I needed. I knew exactly what I wanted to fix this but couldn’t seem to find it in any store. Instead of a box to hold standard index cards, I wanted something bigger that could hold standard sheets of paper folded in half, since most of my recipes are printouts or photocopies. Last summer, I asked my Dad if he could make me exactly what I was looking for. Then back in December, his schedule slowed a little and we sat down to discuss the details. I had to keep steering him away from adding anything fancy. Frankly, from adding anything at all, reminding him I just wanted a simple box in the prettiest piece of walnut he could find. He has plans for recipe and trinket boxes for his shop in the future and he can have free reign over the specifics and design of them. But my taste is very simple. Some might consider it plain. But to me, beautiful wood, showcased like this, doesn’t need bells or whistles. Somewhere, in between these brutally cold winter days, he managed to complete the exact box I wanted. It’s about 7” x 10” x 8”. It turned out better than I hoped.

Technically, this is my payment for all the work I did, helping him get his Etsy shop rolling last year. I’ll admit, now I feel a bit overpaid.