Yarn Along - Knitting and Reading

I’m joining in Yarn Along this week hosted by Ginny of Small Things. It’s a chance for those of us who love knitting and reading to share what project is currently on our needles and which book we have our noses buried in. And I personally add what music I’ve been listening to as well.

Knitting: As usual, I’ve been bouncing around a handful of projects, but right this moment, I’m plugging away at my Clairette cardigan. I had to rip back a handful of times before I got my stride with the diagonal stripes. I’ve set the ambitious goal of completing it by the first of May, which would be three months from the start date. Since past cardigans took me around five months to complete, I’m not holding my breath. But I’m going to give it my best try! (And avoid casting on too many extra projects in these next two months.) The bottom is done, so it’s should be smooth sailing with stockinette for a while.

Reading: Annabel by Kathleen Winter. It’s keeping me awake longer than I’d like, one eyeball open, so tired but so curious to see what happens. I read Middlesex a few years ago, which deals with the same subject, but I’m enjoying this one better.

Listening: Back in February, I discovered The White Buffalo and became addicted. ”Darling What Have I Done“ and “Pray to You Now“ are both so great. But, since then, the initial obsession has waned a bit and I’m listening to a variety of music in my library. Particularly stuff from the likes of Neko, Amanda, Sia.

What are YOU knitting/crocheting, reading or listening to this week?