Finished Knits

My Collins Brook cowl is done. Honestly, I would never gravitate towards this color when shopping for myself. But, considering it’s the result of my very first attempt at natural dyeing, this orange-y yellow yarn holds a special place in my heart. And as a ‘first attempt,’ it also means it’s not quite up to snuff to gift to someone else. So, when I was blocking it, I shrugged and chalked it up to a ‘journey’ project, something you knit more the process of knitting and not the finished result. But when I was taking the above photos, the bright March sun illuminating the room, I kind of felt smitten. The pattern is perfect in its simplicity—I just added an extra repeat of the lace pattern for a little more height. (Ravelry project page.)

Also recently finished are a pair of Skyp socks. They were a bit loose since I had trouble getting gauge from the beginning but I popped them in the dryer for a bit and now they fit perfectly. There are a few mistakes (I realized that I’m not used to working with dark yarns) but overall, I’m pretty pleased with them. I still have a lot more to learn about sock knitting though. (Ravelry project page.)

Next sock pattern on the list? Hermoine’s Everyday. Next cowl? Straw.