Kind and Generous

In the month of March, I experienced a lot of kindness from people. The help, support and love myself and my family have received after my Dad passed has been…immeasurable. A friend mentioned something about how there is no physical way to cure the sadness of losing someone so close to you, but if there were, it’d probably be in the form of handmade. And so many people have sent handmade comfort my way. The aforementioned friend sent me a care package of homemade coconut oil lotion, cookies, a handmade calming tea blend and good music. Tina sent a hand knit shawl to hug me. Taryn (who was going to take part in the giveaway I mention below) surprised me with a set of handmade wooden buttons.

But even before this loss, I received a touching array of generosity and kindness. Vibeke hosted a color swap a while back and I was paired with a lovely woman from Finland who sent me the most impressive package of gray and blue colored items (teas, chocolates, yarns, post cards.) Andi offered me a skein of yarn. And a surprise package arrived with some Rowan Pure Linen and pattern books from Tina. In the beginning of the month, I was in the process of putting together a big group giveaway and was moved by the generosity of so many crafters and makers (over 20!) who were going to take part. The giveaway was cancelled because I didn’t feel like I could devote enough time and energy to promoting it. A couple of people had already mailed items to me to put in the winner’s package, including Harmony, who sent two yards of her Stornetta organic cotton yarn. She said one was for the giveaway and the other a gift for me. And Melody of Mandarine’s sent one of her hand knit leaf hot pads (which she told me to keep for myself) and she included some heavenly smelling soap and teas for me in her package.

All of this kindness and generosity has inspired me to “pay it forward.” I’m looking for creative, heartfelt ways to give back. Another year-long knitting project might start up—this time knitting solely for others. I’ve already started up a gift for a friend with that orange yarn from Andi. My yard of Harmony Art fabric will hopefully turn into summer dresses for some sweet little girls. And Harmony has given me permission to still give away that yard of Stornetta fabric here (check back next week!) I’m doing a bit of spring cleaning, so there may be a giveaway from me as well. Maybe I’ll aim for another group giveaway this fall. And I’m still very much interested in collaborating with other bloggers and makers this year. If you have any clever ideas for promoting your brand or just collaborating artistically, drop me a line.

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