3 Questions : Harmony

3 Questions is an interview-style series featuring some of my favorite bloggers. Every week, I ask one inspirational person 3 completely random questions and ask them to share three photos that represent Who they are, What they do or make and Where they feel the happiest.

When I first asked Harmony if she wanted to take part in this little series, she responded that she isn’t technically a blogger. This got me thinking that she is probably more of do-er than a document-er. Harmony is a passionate organic fabric designer who was into fresh, modern prints before “organic fabric” was cool. Back when I was sewing more regularly, I would often go on and on here about Harmony Art fabrics. Still to this day, they are the best fabrics I’ve ever worked with. Perhaps is has to do with the fact that there is so much heart behind Harmony Art Organic Designs—I’ve always been so impressed by her drive, passion, sincerity, and that fact that she really is an honest, kindhearted person making a change in the world in a beautiful way.

If your life had a soundtrack, what would your “theme song” be?

This took some consideration but I think the

Two Little Feet performed by Karen Savoca

would have to be the one. 

When was the last time you had to speak in public?

I didn’t realize when I started Harmony Art it would lead to public speaking. I have had the pleasure of

speaking at several locations

over the last 9 years. The latest was to the Diablo Valley Quilters June 19, 2013. I find speaking at least a couple of times a year reminds me of why I started my company and reinvigorates me to keep at it.

How would your friends describe you to someone who hasn’t met you?

I cheated and sent an email to 6 of my friends and asked them this question…wow…what a gift to do this exercise. Thank you Liesl…I tried to look for the things that came up repeatedly…

joyous, thoughtful, conscientious, caring, selfless, creative, loving, fun

I loved it that not one actually described what I look like but rather the qualities I express. :)

Like I said, Harmony doesn’t consider herself much of a blogger but you can still check out her blog here, as well as her hiking blog and be sure to visit her site and Facebook page as well.

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