Gifting No. 1 - Elder Tree Shawl

This is the first of a new series of making and sharing gifts for people who mean a lot to me. I was going to set myself up with a monthly or bi-weekly challenge (similar to the Knit 12 Hats challenge) but instead, decided to just see how many gifts I could make in the rest of this calendar year. It’ll be at least one project a month, hopefully two. But, maybe sometimes more. There are a lot of amazing, inspiring and warm-hearted people in my life that I want to give back to in my stitch-y way. I’m calling the series “Gifting” because I’m hoping to expand beyond just knitted gifts and plan to sew and craft and make all sorts of things.

One nice thing about making for other people is that you can play with colors and designs that you wouldn’t necessarily choose for yourself. When Andi offered me this skein of orange Mountain Meadow Wool, I said yes. Not because I’m an orange fan (I’m stuck on gray) but because I have a few friends who exude a colorful energy. I asked the first choice among that list if she was indeed into wearing this color—it’s an orange not too many people are bold enough to sport. She said yes and that she would love a cowl or scarf. So, I went with the Elder Tree Shawl.

Even though this skein is a generous 216 yards of DK, it’s still wasn’t enough for a decent sized shawl. So I added some Knit Picks Palette (held double) in a teal color to the border. (The recipient likes the orange/teal combo but the best I could do was a dusky teal.) Overall, I like the shawl—it was a fun knit and once you get the hang of the lace pattern, its smooth sailing.

Ravelry Notes

What about you? Do you brave bold colors?