3 Questions : Lori

3 Questions is an interview-style series featuring some of my favorite bloggers. Every week, I ask one inspirational person 3 completely random questions and ask them to share three photos that represent Who they are, What they do or make and Where they feel the happiest.

I found Lori’s blog years ago and I stuck around because it was so full of beautiful photos showing the her simple joys—creations, books, food, gardening and more from a kind, witty and down-to-earth woman. When she started talking about and sharing her art, I got a little worried that I had missed something this big. Either that or she was hiding something this good. Because she is good! I’m so glad she is sharing it (and even more psyched that she has plans to open a shop soon!) Just like with her blog, her art’s subject matter is usually the wonder in everyday beauty. 

What do you most dislike about modern life?I really dislike the ability we have now to comment on everything- not just  on blogs.  Online commentary makes everyone an amateur food critic, writer, news analyst, political commentator.  It’s easy to give something a one-star review or leave a nasty comment when you don’t have to see the person face to face or provide a thoughtful argument for your point of view.

How do you manage stress?Being outside in my garden is genuinely therapeutic and feels almost like meditation to me.  There is something incredibly peaceful about being alone outside, listening to the birds and contemplating the way my huge Bee Balm plant comes back every year or how radishes grow from a tiny seed.  It never gets old.

Have you ever run away from home?Nope and never considered it.  I had a happy and rather boring (in a good way!) childhood and credit my homebody nature to my upbringing.  You could always find me at home with a good book so not much has changed in the last 40 years!

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