3 Questions : Kristina

3 Questions is an interview-style series featuring some of my favorite bloggers. Every week, I ask one inspirational person 3 completely random questions and ask them to share three photos that represent Who they are, What they do or make and Where they feel the happiest.

Kristina is a multi-talented German woman, a bit of a kindred spirit who also knits, sews and grows.  Although she inspires me in all of these areas, it is probably her photography that inspires me the most. I think she has hit that sweet spot with her photos—they are always sharp yet soft and have just the right light and never fail to pull you into the story she is telling or scene she is capturing.  

What was your favorite book as a kid or teen?

I was an avid reader as a child, locking myself up for hours in my room and escaping to different worlds and lives, I loved it so much. I was always a dreamer and that makes it very hard to pick a favorite book. I’ve always enjoyed uplifting, inspiring stories that motivated me to become a better person, like ‘Little Women’, ‘The Secret Garden’, etc.

Ultimately I would pick a series that is still one of my favorites today and which I reread from time to time. It’s a girl’s book series by Annik Saxegaard (published under the pseudonym Berte Bratt) about a girl called Anne, living in Norway in the 1930’s, who grows up on a remote farm in a Norwegian fjord and leaves home to go to school in a distant town, working as housekeeping help in a family to earn her living. She is quiet, serious and honest and a bit unapproachable. What is so remarkable about her is that she is very grounded. She stays true to who she is and stands by what she believes to be right. Anne has to fight for herself and her dreams determinedly against many hardships in the coming years, bending but never breaking. Ultimately she overcomes rejection, hunger and loneliness, finds happiness in people who appreciate her and founds a successful handmade business (extraordinary for a woman in the 1930’s). Any wonder I still find that so appealing and inspiring?

What is one thing you would change about yourself?

I’m quite happy with myself in general, but one thing I struggle with is that I’m rather shy and quiet around new people. I wish I was bolder. I know artists who radiate passion for their work in a loud, bubbly way that makes people notice. My passion for what I do runs deep too, but I find it hard to put it into words, to confidently go up to people (real or online) and just tell them about my work or ask them to book or recommend me.

It’s funny because I love getting to know people but that first step is so hard.

Would you rather be the best player on a horrible team or the worst player on a great team?

Hm, tough question. Of course it would be great for my self-esteem to be the best player on a horrible team and I would enjoy helping the others get better. I’m not a natural teacher though, I’m a learner. I


learning new skills, expanding my knowledge and growing as a person.

It’s quite self-centered I guess but I’m happiest and most creative when I learn new things and get to try them. Therefore I’d rather be the worst player on a great team, because it would give me the opportunity to be around people I admire and it would really push me to work hard at myself and get better quickly.

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