Lately (In Instagrams)

Liesl Made : Instagrams

Sometimes I feel like putting blogging on the back burner for a while. My brain hasn’t been working smoothly. I’ve been in action mode, mostly. It’s Spring and I want to spend every pleasant, sunny day outside doing things. And there is no lack of things to do out there: the garden has started and there is a lot to keep up with around here, especially preparing for the baby chicks arriving in a couple of weeks. So I’ve been enjoying the ease of Instagram. To a visual person like me, there is something so easy and appealing to sharing one photo and a few words as they happen (or shortly after.)

All of these photos have been posted on my Instagram already and show the beauty of an open window, a birthday fruit tart, delicious honey, a dye experiment (more on that soon!), a bit of gardening, a birthday walk around the lake and kindness from the lovely Ine (top left photo.) However, I am still going to aim for three posts a week, hopefully updating on the main topics around here: knitting, sewing, gardening and appreciation of the natural world. But a lot more of these little moments might be left to the likes of Instagram.