Fleißige Lieschen

This year, I’ve taken on more of the physical work around here which means my daily wardrobe usually consists of a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and my Keds. But one day, a morning errand and an afternoon rain forecast prompted me to get a bit dressed up for a change. I put on my favorite pair of light wash jeans, a lacy top, a pair of new-to-me sandals and a bit of jewelry (including my new favorite earrings from here) and smeared on a little make up. I told my family I wasn’t planning on working outside that day if I could help it. My Grandmother asked if I was going to be lazy and I said, “Oh no, I’m never lazy.” Which is true: I have a hard time simply sitting idle lately. Usually I’m a classic Taurus and do one or the other: When I want to work, I work hard. But when I want to be lazy, well, good luck budging me from my comfy spot. But yeah, lately, I don’t usually stay seated for very long and if I do, I’m knitting or editing photos or busy doing something.*

My Grandmother then said there is a German phrase, Fleißige Liesel and that it means ‘Busy Liesel’ and it’s also the name of a flower. (I looked it up and learned that it’s technically Fleißige Lieschen but Lieschen is a nickname my Grandmother has called me since I was young. And the flowers are impatiens.) Apart from The Sound of Music, my name doesn’t have too many associations so it’s always interesting to find something (even if it’s not exact) involving my name.

My attempt to look lovely for a change was short-lived: I ended up splattering water all over my pretty jeans when I changed the chicken’s water, got dirt under my nails when I buried some eggshells around the young tomato plants (something I meant to do when I planted them—I want to see how well it works preventing blossom end rot.) What else have I been busy doing? Like I said, the chickens. They are just over 2 weeks old now and I doubt they can stay in their brooder box longer. I’m thinking of going the sand route for the coop. (Any thoughts?) /// The garden is officially full. (Proper update soon.) // Listening to and loving Sharon Van Etten’s new album. /// Flipping through this book and feeling inspired to start building stuff. /// As well as getting caught up on past issues of Taproot. /// Attempted to make fermented ginger carrots but sadly they turned out much too salty. I will try again though. /// Leaving my computer off my desk as much as possible and instead focusing on sketching and journaling and being screen-free. /// We’ve had or currently have roses, peonies, rhododendrons, Lily of the Valley and so many other beauties blooming around here. /// Friends helped me put up a temporary fence around our blueberries. If it works this year, I might invest the time, money and energy into something permanent around all our berry bushes. /// I dug a trench around the chicken run to bury wire. I knew I had to do it eventually but it wasn’t until I saw a fox catch a squirrel there that I realized I couldn’t wait any longer and started digging. /// Loving this deck. I’ve had a Rider-Waite deck for years but never really felt connected to it and in result, didn’t pursue the tarot as much as I’d have liked. My connection with The Wild Unknown deck was immediate. I’m looking forward to learning more. /// Getting help identifying the trees and bushes around here. (Turns out we have cherry trees and honeysuckles around here!) /// And even spending a bit of time in my sewing studio.

What have YOU been busy doing?

*I am a bit worried I’m not taking enough time to just be. Maybe I’ll save that for another post.