3 Questions : Kristin

3 Questions is an interview-style series featuring some of my favorite bloggers. Every week, I ask one inspirational person 3 completely random questions and ask them to share three photos that represent Who they are, What they do or make and Where they feel the happiest.

This week I get the privilege of interviewing Kristin. When I think of her, the word ‘anachronistic’ pops to mind. She is one of those souls who is from another time and place. A true lady, she is sweet and charming and gracefully. And has a passion for sewing, knitting, spinning, crafts, reading and old movies and shares all of this and more with us on her blog. 

What is your favorite TV commercial? 

I love watching my favorite shows on


, but I rarely watch actual TV so I don’t see a lot of commercials. There was a

Volkswagen one

 last year that I liked, though. A few guys are driving a convertible in a cold and snowy environment, so they’re wearing ski masks. They stop at a convenience store, and the guy who goes inside forgets to take off his mask. The reactions of the other customers inside are hilarious (they assume he’s going to attempt robbery). I drive a VW Beetle so of course I’m partial to their commercials! Also, whenever I get the chance to watch 


, I really like the bits they play between films: a mix of special features, old movie trailers, and commercials for DVDs and such. I’m a huge classic movie fan, so that’s the one channel where I actually enjoy the commercials.

What makes you unhappy? 

Conflict. It makes me feel so uncomfortable when people are arguing or when there’s a disagreement that can’t seem to be solved. It’s not that I consider myself a peacekeeper…I don’t try to fix the conflict, I just avoid it. That’s something I need to work on, though, because you can’t really solve any problem by ignoring it.

When have you embarrassed yourself in public?

Many, many times. I’m a shy introvert with a tendency towards clumsiness, which leads to all sorts of awkward situations. To make matters worse, when I’m embarrassed, my face blushes beet red, so it’s impossible to pretend that nothing happened. I’ve fallen down the steps on a bus. When I took a mandatory public speaking class in college, my hands shook so badly that my papers kept rattling. I’ve said things that didn’t quite come out the way I intended them to (I’m not very good at small talk). I knocked over a glass jar in Hobby Lobby and it shattered on the floor, which sent a couple of employees scurrying my way with a broom and dustpan. Once, I was supposed to play the piano for the Easter service at church, and just before we left the house, I misplaced my sheet music. I tried to make it through the song from memory but got stuck in one section, so I played that part over and over until I finally just gave up. (When we got home, there sat my sheet music, in plain view on the coffee table.) I’m trying to not take myself so seriously…these things seemed awful at the time, but now they just make me laugh!

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