Gratitude Sunday

Joining in Gratitude Sunday with Taryn and others over at Wooly Moss Roots. We take the time to acknowledge all the things (big and small) that we were most grateful for in the past week.

It has been since December since I’ve done a Gratitude Sunday post. Although I do take time to think about what all I have to be grateful for, it really does help to do these posts here once in a while, to write them out and acknowledge them

This week I was grateful for:

  • a bit of rain.
  • and the cool air that followed.
  • teaming up with some great artists and creatives.
  • avoiding a ranty response to something insensitive someone I really respect posted online.
  • the many colors of summer (seen above.)
  • that I get to live with my Grandma and spend so much time with her.
  • a big bowl of fresh picked blueberries.
  • and blueberry pancakes.
  • chicken antics.
  • visits from family and friends.
  • a new-found love (addiction?) of jam and jelly making.
  • bags of green beans slowly filling the freezer.

What were you most grateful for this past week?