Yarn Along - Knitting and Reading

I’m joining in Yarn Along this week hosted by Ginny of Small Things. It’s the chance for those of us who love knitting and reading to share what project is currently on our needles and which book we have our noses buried in. And I personally add what music I’ve been listening to as well.

Liesl Made : Sock Knitting

Knitting: I’m thinking of starting up a sock-a-month type of challenge to help me knit more socks. I’m working on the same socks I mentioned last time, which I started on the 5th of July. If I can complete them in the next week or so (in the height of summer), that proves making a pair of socks every four weeks should be doable. Plus a bit of structure and a deadline with my knitting always helps motivate me. If you feel like joining me, let me know in the comments below. If you want, maybe I’ll set it up as a real thing with graphics and a link up each month, etc. I’ll be starting officially with my first pair in August and will probably aim for a whole year (12 pairs of socks) but feel free to join in just here and there or only for a few months.

Reading: Finding Planetary Planting rather interesting.

Listening: The new album, Wild Animals by Trampled by Turtles. As well as some older favorites by Basia Bulat and Andrew Bird.

What are YOU knitting/crocheting, reading or listening to this week?

EDIT: I posted this without first checking the Small Things blog. After reading the most recent post I will be keeping Sarah’s family and Ginny in my thoughts and hope you will too. If you’d like to do more than that, there has been a fundraiser set up to help her children.