A Bit of This and That

Some things are photographed above, others are not.

A family friend gave me a sweet potato she’d be sprouting. I put in the ground and it’s doing well. No idea if it’ll amount to anything but it’s worth a try. (Actually, that sums up my entire gardening approach: Let’s see if this works.)

The sunflowers are blooming. (This variety is fittingly called Lemon Queen.)

I’ve been baking bread. (Someday I might do a specific post sharing more about that.)

Ever since a friend shared this on Facebook, I’ve been a little obsessed with astrology in general and thinking a lot about all the people in my life and what signs they are.

In the beginning of the year I was busy perfecting the fit and construction of a simple tank and a tank dress. I’ve been wearing some of the attempts and they are helping me beat the heat. And the bead necklace, a gift from Fog and Cedar, is the perfect addition. (Summer fashion shouldn’t be fussy.)

I won a giveaway from the lovely Allison of Field Wonderful for this skein of Ballyhoo Farm yarn. It’s the color of oats and I hope to find the perfect Scottish/Irish inspired pattern to compliment it.

Speaking of knitting…anyone joining in the SSKAL?

It’s amazing how we are only a few days into August but it suddenly feels like August and that summer is winding down. Here on the blog this month I’ll have the results of my most recent dyeing experiments, a heartfelt handknit gift I received, more chicken talk and hopefully some completed knits!

What are you looking forward to this month?

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