Quite Nice People

A few weeks ago, a package arrived for me and after opening it, I just cried and cried. The good kind of cry. The kind that comes from being overwhelmed with how nice people can be. The level of kindness I’ve received since my Dad passed away back in March has been so touching. Not only from my family, friends and local community but the wider community I’ve come to know through blogging and Ravelry and other social media platforms. Inside the envelope was a comfort blanket. Andi was the one who brought it about, calling out to fellow Ravelers to knit or crochet blocks (in gray, knowing it’s my favorite color,) which she then stitched together. The result is such a beautiful variety of hand stitched love. It’s going to be so comforting to wrap myself in this blanket come winter. Thank you all, so much. (Details here.)