Chicken Diary : Waiting

The chickens are about 14 weeks old. Right now, we are at a waiting stage: waiting for the boys to reach a decent market weight and more importantly, waiting for the girls to start laying eggs. A lot of friends and family are asking about eggs. I have to keep telling them “not yet, not yet.” (Maybe in September?)

While we wait, their antics and behavior are providing great therapy and entertainment. It’s a lot of fun to watch them get so excited about kitchen and garden scraps (they especially love corn cobs.) Actually, just watching them in general is fun. Someone came over for a visit and spotted the row of chairs we had lined up and said: “Do you guys, like, sit there and watch your chickens?” “Yeah, we’re simple people.” Two of them are crowing (one being Chuck.) When we sit on the deck and call out to them, they crow (talk?) back. The cat is oddly calm around them. One evening I spotted her bathing herself right in front of them. The dog is afraid of them and won’t go anywhere near the run. When they hear me unlocking the run latch in the morning, singsonging a “Good Morning, Chickens!” suddenly, a handful of little chicken faces appear at the coop window, looking at me eagerly. It’s slowly getting darker a little earlier each night so I no longer have to wait so long to go out and lock them in. The biggest boy is definitely the head honcho. (He is the white one, easily seen in the last photo.) He doesn’t seem to appreciate me being around his girls.

(These photos were all taken over the course of the last month.)