Squash In the Kitchen

When it comes to food, we a pretty simple. In the summer, we kind of let freshness be the star by simply steaming or sautéing all our veggies and adding a sprinkle of salt and pat of butter. A longtime friend of mine said recently that she remembers eating sautéed squash with cheese often at our house when she was a kid. It made me realize we really haven’t changed much in over twenty years. All summer long we deal with the overabundance of summer squash in a small handful of ways. Occasionally we grate it to make pancakes or bread, or steam-puree-freeze it for winter soups. Rarely we will make a zucchini boat. One year I used larger ones as the “crust” of mini pizzas. But mostly, it gets sautéed in a pan with onions, salt, pepper and granulated garlic, sometimes topped with cheese and eaten with nearly every dinner. Which can get boring by August. Needless to say, I am continually on the lookout for great squash recipes to keep our interest in this garden staple. So when Amanda of HeartBeet Kitchen gifted me her book, Smitten with Squash, it was such a help.

The first recipe I tried was the Banana Oat Streusel Summer Squash Muffins, partly because I had all the ingredients on hand and partly because I can’t flip through a cookbook and not make the muffins. Once I get some cardamom I’m also hoping to bake the Maple Cardamom Zucchini Snack Cake. But since I can’t live on desserts alone and the squash was overtaking the fridge, I also made the Fluffy Lemon Poppy Seed Summer Squash Pancakes and Easy Curried Tofu Salad. Later today I plan to make the Bumper Crop Spicy Squash Pickles hopefully try the Buffalo Chicken Zucchini Meatballs later this week.

Amanda is gluten-free so most of the recipes are GF by default or are easily adapted to be so. I should confess I haven’t even looked at the second half of the book yet, which is all about winter squash. I’ve got quite a few winter squash plants in the garden. And I’ve since forgiven them for taking over everything since I spy a bunch of Jumbo Pink Banana and Butternut growing. Can’t wait to harvest them and dive into the second half of the book.

What is YOUR favorite way to eat summer squash and zucchini?

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