Yarn Along : Knitting and Reading

I’m joining in Yarn Along this week hosted by Ginny of Small Things. It’s a chance for those of us who love knitting and reading to share what project is currently on our needles and which book we have our noses buried in. And I personally add what music I've been listening to as well.

Those of you who follow me on Instagram might have already seen that last week we let go of our sixteen year old dog. I was going to do an individual post with photos and more about her but I decided against it. It's been an emotional time for me but thankfully everyday gets a little easier. I know it was the right decision and am finding peace in the fact that she is no longer suffering and is with my Dad now. With that said, I'm probably going to avoid blogging anymore until next week.

Knitting: Three quarters of the way through my October pair for the Monthly Sock Challenge, I noticed an error and started over. But since I lean on knitting during emotional times, I've made excellent progress in the last week and half. I'll share more about them next week, when I (hopefully) have them done.

Reading: The Joy of Keeping Farm Animals was recommended to me by Brandi and I'm trying to soak up as much information to help me with any future animal adventures.

Listening: After realizing who it was doing the background vocals for Andrew Bird's rendition of "So Much Wine, Merry Christmas," I've been on a Tift Merritt kick. Really loving the songs "Traveling Alone," "Train Song" and "Good Hearted Man."

What are YOU knitting/crocheting, reading or listening to this week?

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