November (So Far) In Instagrams

Lately, micro-blogging has been more my speed. I don't really feel like I have much to say here right now. Instead, when I sit down at the computer, I've been enjoying finally getting a chance to visit your blogs rather trying to compose a post for this space here. I hope you don't mind a cop-out today as I share Instagram photos taken so far this month of the little things. 

1+2: We canned up lots of apple sauce. 3: I made a double batch of granola. 4: Harvested some fall kohlrabi, lettuce and a few scrawny sweet potatoes.  5: Organized my natural dye swatches for the 2014 season. 6: Realized I have become more high maintenance over the years. 7: Fallen once again for the Japanese Maple in autumn. 8: Got up to 7 eggs a day. 9: Harvested and washed up so. much. kale. 10: Made the Maple Cardamom cake from Smitten with Squash. 11: Planted four fruit trees. 12: Had the chickens visit me while clearing out the very last bits in the garden. 13+14: Had out first snow. 15: Loved the sight of the chickens in a sea of red Japanese Maples leaves. 16: Made my Dad's famous sticky buns. 

Find more of these day-to-day moments on Instagram.

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