Monthly Sock Challenge : 4 of 12

I originally planned on knitting these socks in December, as they are a holiday gift for someone. But I bumped these up to November since I knew I could complete them rather quickly and gain some extra time for other projects. (Thank you, bulky yarn!)

Since I have eight pairs left to make in this year-long challenge, I have a feeling these Woodsman's Socks might make another appearance. (Maybe a pair in a worsted weight for myself.) They are perfect for the intended recipient---a classic design, simple design that is thick and warm. They were knit in a superwash wool since ease of laundering was a necessity. Back in the summer, while researching various yarn bases for my dyeing, I learned a little more about what exactly superwash wool is. (Ashley did a post on superwash recently that is very informative.) Since then, I've been avoiding it for myself because I have a sincere love for pure, natural materials and because I feel a difference when knitting. But, unfortunately, most people prefer the ease of caring for a synthetic material. So, either I find a secondhand synthetic or compromise with superwash when it comes to knitting for others. Anyone else have similar trouble when knitting gifts?

More details about my November socks on Ravelry. What did you knit? What are you planning to knit in December?