Gifting No. 4 - An Apron for Amanda

The Gifting Series is where I try to giveback, in my own little handmade way, to the people in my life that are important to me. All Gifting posts can be seen here.

Back in the summer, Amanda of Heartbeet Kitchen gifted me a copy of her book, Smitten with Squash. I was so touched by her kindness (but not surprised, she is very kind) and very grateful to have some support in tackling all the summer squash I was harvesting. (Note for next year: Don't plant three rows of squash!) In return, I wanted to send a little kindness back to her way and decided to do so by gifting her an handmade apron. I kept my fingers crossed Amanda is of the same mentality as me in that you can never have too many aprons. Sure, you have favorites, but back-ups are needed, like when you have guests over and they want to pitch in with the cooking or one is in the wash.

I used my own tutorial for the Butcher's Apron, modifying it slightly, like I did with my own apron earlier this year. The fabric is an organic duck cloth, which looks a bit like linen. The print is a sweet vintage inspired floral. When I reopen the shop, I think I'll be offering similar ones.


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