2015 Craft Goals

Every year, I give into the lure of making resolutions even though I am terrible at keeping them. There is something about the fresh beginning and the hopeful expanse of a "new" year. I have a handful of personal goals but I'd like to once again share my craft goals with you here. Last year, I shared my 2014 goals, which I leniently called "hopes" and am happy to look back and see that I accomplished a handful of them. Considering the year I had, I find that something to be proud of. Now, onward to what I hope to achieve in 2015! My main goal is to learn all I possibly can about wool and fibers. But more specifically, I hope to:

design knitting patterns.
set up a dye studio in the barn.
achieve new colors when dyeing yarn (like greens, reds and blues, in particular.)
as well as experiment with more plant sources.
spin yarn.
open up the Buckaloo View shop.
and finally, make soap.

What craft goals do YOU have for 2015?


PS : I've created a Buckaloo View group on Ravelry and would be honored if you joined. I hope it's a place where we can chat about natural dyeing, patterns and yarns I release and general knitting/fiber talk. I'll also be looking for testers for patterns and yarns in the future via the group. (Actually, I'm hoping that sometime this week I can open call for testing my very first pattern!) AND... there is a thread there to chat about and share sneak peeks for the Mystery Hat Swap! (So far we have over 30 participants!)


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