The World

Well, here we are. It's officially Autumn, my favorite season. Soon the leaves will be all ablaze. The air crisp. Cozy, comforting meals in our bellies. As well as mugs of cider and tea. Woolen sweaters wrapped around us as we hike and knit and soak in the golden light. It's a time for us to seek balance, to slow down and express gratitude for all the bounty and harvest of summer as well as set intentions and goals for the upcoming colder months. (Spinning yarn, perhaps!?)

Since getting The Wild Unknown tarot deck back in the spring, I've drawn a card every single day, offering me a daily meditation (as well as a easy way to become more familiar with the meanings.) Daily meditations have always been helpful to me and in the past I've used a Celtic version and a Marian one. Anyway, back in late August and early September I kept pulling 'The World' card. Drawing the same card twice over a short period of time is one thing but after drawing it at least half a dozen times over the course a couple weeks, it became apparent that either I was horrible at shuffling or there was something rather significant to pay attention to. 'The World' is the final card of the Major Arcana, the last stage of the Fool's Journey. Simply put, it signifies "wholeness and completion." I can't say that I'm there yet but I am continually learning more about what makes me happy, what makes me feel whole. Living with the seasons and their wisdom means I've also learned that nothing really ends. Summer and all it's labors might be passing but the rest, contemplation and new joys and challenges of the winter season are ahead. But first, the golden glow of Autumn.

Do feel a wholeness, sense of completion or balance this time of year? What joys did you have this summer? What are you looking forward to or are hoping to accomplish in Autumn and Winter?


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