Monthly Sock Challenge : 2 of 12

Another month, anther pair of hand knit socks in my sock drawer. For September, I went with the Basic Ribbed Sock, keeping it simple for a busy time of year. The yarn was a gift from Nicky. (Who has been getting into natural dyeing as well: Hello, turmeric and red cabbage!) She sent the sock yarn along with the comfort blanket I was gifted. ) There have been chilly mornings this month when I sat on the porch, that blanket wrapped around my shoulders as I knit away on these socks.

Overall I'm happy with them. You can't go wrong with a simple, staple pair of socks. There are only two things I wish I'd done differently, both precautionary measures that backfired. First, they are a little tight. I cast on for less than the pattern called for because I was having trouble getting gauge (I always do on such small needles--any tips?) and worried the cuff would be loose and falling down. The second was that I made the cuff too short. I have a large shoe size and need to add quite a bit of length to patterns. So when working with a cuff down pattern I always have a fear that I'll run out of yarn before reaching the toe. But my guesstimation was way off and I ended up with more than enough yarn. Looking on the bright side, I can use the leftover yarn in another project!

Are you done with your September socks? Any plans for what you'll knit in October? I'm swatching right now, playing around with a few patterns, before making up my mind.

PS: This is a giveaway month! Every three months I'll be doing a giveaway for those of you participating in the Monthly Sock Challenge with me. I'll choose randomly from all the entries in the linky at the end of the month. If the winner chooses not to participate in the giveaway or fails to reply to my email within four days, I'll redraw a new winner. This month's prize is a $25 gift card for from me! So get knitting and sharing those socks!

PPS: Speaking of Etsy gift cards: I've been a longtime fan of Under the Shade of a Bonsai and am so excited to see Jacquie is a finalist in the Etsy Design Awards! I highly recommend checking out her work and casting your vote (which will also enter you to win a $250 Etsy gift card!)

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