Gifting No. 7 + 8 : Beanies

IMG_6471 copy.jpg

The Gifting Series is where I try to give back, in my own little handmade way, to the people in my life that are important to me.

After my father passed away last year, I've been so comforted by the thought that so many people, all over the world, have something he made. Customers, peers, friends, family. I'm hoping that I too can not only leave behind memories but tangible markers of my love, gratitude, passions and hard work. 

So, next up in my Gifting series are two hats, for each my Aunt and Uncle out in Michigan. The winters are brutal there. Whenever I think of our winters, I am thankful they aren't Michigan winters. Then I am thankful my family doesn't live in the UP, where they keep snowblowers on their roofs and have way too much "snirt," and where my Uncle says "they only have two seasons--winter and August."

Still, southern MI is plenty cold in winter and these two wooly hats are fitting for this couple. My Aunt's is a simple beanie knit with the leftovers of the Kathleen I just finished. As you can see, it pooled in a crazy pattern. Thankfully, I know my Aunt will love it regardless, but I would be frustrated if it were making the hat for myself. (And I'm grateful the cables in the Kathleen might have helped hide any possible pooling.)

And the second is for my Uncle, who put his life on hold to come out here and help us take care of my Grandmother in her final months. He also helped us, helped me, more than I can say. His encouragement, support, and love; ingenuity, craftsmanship and knowledge are very evident here at Buckaloo View Farm. For that, for him, I will always be grateful. And I hope this walnut dyed beanie helps show it, even in just a small way.