Introducing My First Knitting Pattern : Henny Hat

IMG_1552 copy.JPG

A year ago I never would have thought I would design knitting patterns. But still, I jotted down ideas on slips of paper and in the corners of my sketchbooks. How would I translate this idea into a stitch pattern? How would it look as a cowl? A hat? A shawl? More and more, I started seeing inspirations for patterns all around me. These ideas have been gaining momentum in my mind and, thanks to the winter season, I have had time and courage to devote to making some of them happen.

The Henny Hat is not the first idea I had for a pattern, but it is the first one to come to fruition. I thought it would be fun to design a series of knits inspired by the women who came before me. This is the first pattern in that series. It is based on what I know about my Great-Grandmother, my father's mother's mother. I never met her but heard stories about what a great knitter she was. In a way, it's also inspired by my Grandma. She always encourages my crafty pursuits and crochets and knits herself. When she visits us, we are often found sitting together, I with my needles, she with her hook. Henny is a family name (short for Henrietta) that seemed to fit this pattern perfectly.

It's a simple design that is great for lace beginners. It's knit in a worsted weight which makes it come about quickly. The yellow hat was gifted to my Grandma and was knit with Buckaloo View Worsted IV (dyed with Marigolds.) The gray one I'm keeping for myself. It was knit with Quince and Co Lark in "Kumlien's Gull." More info on both of them can be found at my Ravelry. In the next month or so, I hope to release the matching shawl pattern. Details about a future Henny KAL will be announced soon. In the meantime, check the Henny Hat out on Ravelry or click below to purchase a copy!