KNIT : Charcoal and Ash Mitts

It seems a little odd to be finishing a pair of wool fingerless mitts in June, when the peonies are in full bloom. But they will be ready and waiting for me come fall and winter. The yarn is Brooklyn Tweed's Shelter in the colorway Snowbound. This was my first time working with this yarn. It's been on my to-knit-with list for quite a while and in that time I read a lot of mixed opinions. I can now say that I fall into the 'love it' category. It's not the softest to knit with but softens nicely when washed. Mostly, I love the woolen-spun nature, how it's surprisingly warm for being so light and fluffy.

The pattern is the Charcoal & Ash Mitts by Alicia Plummer. You actually get two stitch pattern options for the price of one. I went with the Charcoal stitch, which features a pick-up slip stitch that produces a nice texture. I enjoyed knitting them so much that I've already started more for gifts, knit in my own dyed yarn.