Meet Pepper

Somehow we managed to become a household with no dog and three cats. Don't get me wrong, I like cats, but I love dogs. Last year, we put our almost 16-year-old dog down. Since then, I've been longing for a pup in the house. Our home life this year was very hectic and stressful and introducing a new dog into the mix would not have been smart.

But still, I kept my eyes open, on the lookout. I was getting daily emails about dogs that met my criteria (a lab mix, under a year old, black, female.) One day, this little face showed up in my inbox and I knew. We submitted an application and the next day we had a puppy. It happened quicker than we thought--so quick that we didn't even have time to puppy-proof the house and had to stop to get food and supplies on the way home. But she needed us. And, in a way, we needed her.

Pepper and her siblings were abandoned on the side of the road in Kentucky. Somehow they made their way to NJ.  She is now around 10 or 11 weeks old and is a mystery mutt. Not knowing who her parents are, we can only make a best guess as to what breeds she is. The general consensus is lab / border collie mix, because of her coloring and the fact that one of her sisters has that classic border collie look. I'm hoping she has that natural herding instinct. Our last dog was a lab / spaniel mix and looked a lot like Pepper but they are very different in personality. 

My days are now spent trying to exhaust the puppy without exhausting myself so I can manage to get some things accomplished while she naps. We all have a ways to go, learning the rules and training and settling back into the routine of having an energetic dog around. 

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