When I was younger, I never thought much about why this farm was named 'Buckaloo View.' It’s just what it was called. I’m a little embarrassed to admit, it was only about five years ago that it clicked: We have a view of the Buckaloo swamp! But, in my defense, in the 20 some years I’ve been here, there hasn’t been a grand view, at least not one to warrant naming this farm after it. The view we had was limited to the treeline at the back of a six-acre field and was only visible if you went through an ever-narrowing path behind the barn. 

To me, the view behind the barn has always been beautiful and impressive. But, of course, I'm biased, with a deep familial love for this place. I don't want to go into the whole history of this farm in this post, but I will say that my family has been here for over 100 years. My great-great parents originally started renting and working this farm sometime around 1904 or 1905. Then in 1920, my great grandparents officially purchased the farm. Slowly but surely, in tough times, lots were sold off and now we only have about a tenth of what it originally was. But I do believe we have the prettiest tenth. And that is very apparent now. 

Those of you who follow me on Instagram have no doubt seen that there have been big changes here at Buckaloo View Farm in the last month or so. We had our overgrown field cleared as well as the area behind the barn. Why we had it done isn't really set in stone yet, so I'm hesitant to talk too much about it. But, in the meantime, it's hard to not talk about that view and hard to not get excited about the possibilities (sheep, alpaca, goats, crops!)

There is something really amazing in the thought that turning this place back into an active farm might very well be what saves it. 

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