Winter Is Coming - About Those Socks

I've never seen a single episode of Game of Thrones. But, despite the fact that it often feels like it, I don't actually live under a rock. Winter is Coming is a phrase I've heard used over and over. But this post has nothing to do with an HBO show and everything to do with the fact that winter is literally coming and I have should have wrapped up a sock challenged I started a year ago.

Wow. Has it been a year? I remember knitting that first pair and thinking I'd eventually have twelve socks. I didn't think it'd go by so fast. In all honesty, I kind of predicted I might fizzle out in the last couple months. I'm not good at finishing things.

Altogether, I made about nine pairs. Melody surprised me with a thick, beautifully made pair of traditional Latvian socks so I'm going to count them as a get-out-of-jail-free card for July. Some are getting pretty worn while others haven't even been worn yet. 

The fact that you all joined me on this journey is the coolest. I mean, look at all of these socks! The linky hosted here on the blog has already expired, but you're very welcome to share your posts over at the sock thread at the Buckaloo View group on Ravelry. Somewhere I should try to frequent more! Thankfully, winter is coming and I should have a little more time for blog and Ravelry adventures.