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Happy New Year!

Almost every horoscope I’ve seen for 2016, says it’s going to be a great year for us Tauruses. And I believe it. That doesn’t mean I’ll be going blindly into the year, thinking I'm immune and nothing bad will happen. No, there will surely be challenges, hardships, perhaps even tragedies. I just feel more confident in dealing with them, faith in my ability to get through them. So much of how good our lives are, hinges on our attitude and how we react to what life throws at us. A lot like the quote by Sartre in the title. 

I was afraid that the holidays were going to be sad here. Last year we had one empty seat around our table. This year it was two. Instead of dwelling on that, we tried to focus on the full seats, new traditions and, of course, a little pup named Pepper. 


Christmas morning we opened our gifts, not many since we had opted to invest in hardwood flooring for the bedrooms instead. When we got into our stockings at the end, my Mother explained there was a gift in mine, that “it's symbolic, it has a meaning.” I opened a small package and inside was the wee kid and lamb seen above. So, folks, I officially have the green light to get goats and/or sheep in the Spring! (I'm very open to input on one versus the other, specific breed and fiber preferences and opinions!)

Cheers to 2016!

Here is a song. And another, also by The Mynabirds, which may very well be my anthem for 2016.

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