KNIT : Reykr : A New (Free) Knitting Pattern

Introducing the Reykr Hat! It's been living in my mind for about a year now. A month or so ago, I finally got it on the needles. Writing a pattern for it wasn't my original intention but I decided it might be a fun freebie for the new year. 

I made it for my brother and even though I've known him for my entire life (plus nine months,) I was informed I got this one wrong. When I finished the hat, I had him try it on and he told me: "Honestly, Liesl, I don't like it. Besides, I already have a hat."  Oh, brother.

I'm not one to beg or get caught up on something like that, so I immediately came up with a list of other guys who would love it. (Hey, I might even keep it for myself--doesn't look half bad on me!) But, since I had him feeling a little guilty, I asked him to do two things for me instead: model it and name it. Thankfully, he did both willingly. A lover of Icelandic sagas and Vikings and all that, he suggested 'Reykr,' which means "smoke." 

As we were taking the photos, he told me that it was actually really soft and comfortable and he might maybe actually want one after all. But... in black or charcoal gray. (I still really think the blue looks great on him, but, again, what do I know!?)

The hat construction is super simple, the style universal and if you use a super soft, drapey yarn (like this Woolfolk Far), you're bound to have a winner on your hands. (Even for fussy, stubborn Tauruses!) Sizing is easily customized and how to do so is explained clearly in the pattern. So far, I've made one with a similar yarn and gauge here and another with a  lighter DK weight here.  There will no doubt be many more made in the future. Like Micheala (@knit_finery) said on Instagram recently #classicknitsarewhereitsat .

Swing over to Ravelry and grab yourself a copy of the Reykr Hat pattern.