KNIT : New Pattern : Neapolitan Cowl

My taste is so boring. Soooo boring. I mean, I like to think it's "classic" but really, I suppose most people would simply call it "boring." Given options, I always pick gray and am drawn to muted, soft colors; simply but well made and plainly designed furniture; Shaker homes and style; herringbone tweeds; oatmeal linen. Things like that. I don't really do cutesy or quirky too often. 

But I had a stack of yarn cakes sitting on my work bench and couldn't help but see Neapolitan cookie or ice cream and just knew that it needed to become a cowl. It features an elongated zig-zag texture. If you are quirky and colorful, feel free to use the classic Neapolitan colors. But, really, any three colors that look complimentary to your eyes would work great. (I'm thinking three shades of one color would make a nice gradient!) The cowl is very easy to knit and only uses a total of about 250 yards. And it's free! And freshly released today

Have a nice weekend.