Knitters Make the Best Use of Their Time (And Other Things I've Been Told While Knitting in Public)

Don't see too many people your age knitting.

That's one thing I never learned to do.

What are you making?

I knit a little when I was younger. Wasn't very good at it, though. At that time, girls made their boyfriends socks---you know, the argyle kind. I only ever finished one sock. My husband still has it in his drawer.

That a pretty color.

How are you doing that with that cord? (Fellow knitter asking about the magic loop method.)

I can't knit, but I do crochet.

You must have a lot of patience.

My mother knit me this hat when I was young. (He pointed to brown, heavily pilled hat on his head.) It's sure kept me warm.

I knit too. My mother taught me. I knit a lot when I was in active duty, overseas. 

What have YOU heard while knitting in public?