SEW : Introducing the Buckaloo View Simple Line

Years ago, I was on a mission to make the perfect basic dress and tank top. From design, to shape and construction, I wanted complete simplicity. The amount of time and energy that I put into creating a pattern so simple was a little ironic. But the final result is exactly what I set out for. I can whip these dresses up fairly quickly. I'm a fan of finding unique secondhand or vintage fabrics and the simple silhouette helps them shine. If I feel the need to complicate things with embellishments, color blocking, etc, it'll be easy with such a great base. 

All of my models have commented that they are so comfortable, easy, and cool on these hot summer days but yet still make them feel feminine and girly. I've had women from 5' to 6', curvy to skinny wear them, proving it's a flattering fit for most bodies. 

They are currently available in three sizes. My plan is to release plus sizes in August! I've also had some inquiries about releasing the pattern so that might be a possibility in the future as well. 

The Buckaloo View Simple Line features womens' dresses and tank tops that are classic and timeless. The silhouettes and constructions are simple but each piece is either one-of-a-kind or few-of-a-kind, made with secondhand, vintage, natural, organic or repurposed fabric.

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